The Regional Development Fund of Attica, via the structure of the Innovation Center of the Region and in collaboration with the Department of Psychology of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, started up the course entitled: We Stay Home and we “Stay” well,  in the context of Parents’ School of Attica Region, which addressed to parents -residents of the Region-  and aimed at their distant education in matters of daily managing their children at home.

Action Name:  Attica Parents' School
Lesson Circle: We Stay Home… and we "Stay" well
Collaborating Foundation: Department of Psychology of EKPA
Purpose: Distant education of parents of the Attica Region in matters of daily managing life with children at home.
Total number of participants: Three hundred (300).

Thematic Units (TU):

  • TU-1: Supporting children in times of crisis and strengthening mental resilience in the family.
  • TU-2: The psychology of parents during the pandemic.
  • TU-3: We stay safe on the Internet.
  • TU-4: Parenting and the different developmental stages of children and adolescents.
  • TU-5: Creative paths in ... already known behavioral paths.
  • TU-6: Myths and Truths about Diversity.

Faculty members of the Department of Psychology of EKPA (rapporteurs):

  • Sissy Hadjichristou, Professor of School Psychology
  • Spyros Tantaros, Professor of Developmental Psychology
  • Petros Roussos, Assoc. Professor of Cognitive Psychology
  • Anna Christopoulou, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology
  • Katerina Gari, Professor of Social Psychology
  • Vassilis Pavlopoulos, Associate Professor of Intercultural Psychology

Course duration: Two (2) months

Course Period: May - June 2020 (1st cycle)

Five (5) classes of participants - trainees were formed, of 60 parents-trainees each.
Each class attended a total of 16 distance - learning lectures covering all the above Thematic Units (TU).
Sessions of two (2) hours took place in the afternoon, once a week for each class.

Registration period: 23 - 29 April 2020ere

The declarations of interest - registrations were made online during the above period via the webpage:
For the selection of participants, the exact time for submitting the application was taken into account, until the maximum total of participants was met (300). When the registration period was over, the results were posted on the website and a notification email was sent to the selected participants.